mac drama
I make no claims to have designed these icons, they are from the 1984 Mac operating system. Taken out of their original context and arranged side-by-side they form the familiar symbol for 'drama' or theatre. How elegantly, through the narrative of the GUI, Mac designers positioned the product not just as a tool but as an experience extending from that of the 'operator'. Macs had personality. Part of that elegance is that these png files, these little touches of personality, use about 1k of memory.

My expertise in the area of Experience Design have been applied in:
User Experience(UX) Design,
Information Design,
Graphical User Interface(GUI), and Interaction Design.

gScenario sketch

graphic scenario

user experience design
In UX Design I have knowledge and experience in:
• the design of software architecture and interaction models,
• the developing and implementation of focus groups, and
• the development of personas and user scenarios.
In these capacities, I work with IT, telecommunications and software companies and consult with usability and information architects, product managers, R+D managers and software engineers to help them design user-centred products and services.

method map

information design
My work in information design has not been in the technical communication of information(designing digital information structures), but closer to it's roots in graphic design, supplying visualizations of structures and systems for both internal and customer-facing communication. More...

'How can graphical architecture promote the ordered,
sequenced, hierarchical flow of information from the
graphic to the mind’s eye?'
(Tufte 2001, p.154).

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Graphical User Interface + Interaction Design
In 1993 a contact in the Design Group at Bell Northern Research, Canada(later, Nortel Networks Corp.) asked me to work on a set of program widgets for the company's core Network Management software program. This led to several projects designing program icons, GUI's and related publications, such as graphic standards manuals. More...