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An interactive system designed to orient users while navigating a sequence of scenes.  

Graphical User Interface(GUI) and Interaction design are possibly the best examples of a balanced measure of communication design and computer engineering. My work in these area has been on the communication design side, taking the view that what is being created relies on good visual communication and a clear understanding of human cognition. For the user this has meant developing the right message system, one that sends comprehensible signals that, through repeated interaction, builds trust in the system. For the technicians who will write the code and build the systems this has meant providing good direction in the form of wireframes, system architectures and graphics standards documents.

  draw fields
Wireframe of a user interface window, shown in the context
of the program architecture.
Left: A wireframe for a print dialog shows the design grid that determines borders, spacing, font sizes and alignments. As these kinds
of graphic standards are established they are published in a document(below) designed to make it easy for developers to build and maintain consistency throughout the system.
wireframe based on Java standards
pdf InSight Graphics standards

icon sets

• left:
administrative workflow,
• middle:e-forms warehouse,
• right:
production output.

Client: Hexagon Inc.


Program icons

Client: Klocwork Solutions, InSight


web site design

drawbridge data Systems
  drawbridge data systems web site. Includes a small Flash inset.
  ui sketch  

Sketch of an interactive device that provides graphical support for storytelling.

Project: workPlay