The design of visual material includes, among other disciplines; illustration, animation and imagery systems designed to brand or provide a visual identity for things like products and services.

All the work in this section was either commissioned or used as 'stock' under various licensing arrangements. The section is divided into three areas; corporate, editorial and technical.


Corporateillustrations include work created directly for clients in both the public sector (including government, institutions and agencies), and the private sector, and work created for publications that have a corporate focus, such as financial and business publications.

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In the Editorialsection the work has been created primarily for magazines in North America. Some were created as magazine covers, others as spot illustrations. I use both the traditional media of pen and wash, and digital media, working in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Technicalillustrations includes a range of work that is technical in nature, rather than conceptual. It includes technical subjects, such as hardware, historically accurate museum work and medical/anatomical subjects, and also technical or graphical renderings of subjects that are not necessarily technical.



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Visual systems provide a very powerful means for identiying products and services. Differentiation is the key. To be successful, a brand or identity has to be novel, memorable, and must work within the cultural, economic and technological constraints within which it operates.